Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Card Sketches

As evidence below will prove, I am not an artist (the
drawing type). But this fact didn't stop me from
trying to draw what I saw in my head.
A few weeks ago, I went to a "Favorite Things
Party" hosted by Jen del Muro. Jen is
one of my very favorite card designers.
She had this super cute banner hanging and it 
caught my eye. Of course I had to know how she
did it! (I will post pics from the party tomorrow).
She is on the design team for Lil' Inkers, and she used
a set from them for the banner.
I looked online for the set right away, but it was sold out!
I was able to get on the email list for restock notification...
Hi Laura!!!
Let me tell you, Lil' Inker's customer service is TOP NOTCH!!!
So, anticipating ordering/receiving the stamp and die set
I had some card designs floating around in my head.
Now, I'm warning you... these sketches are crude.
No judging! I hope you'll forgive me when I post the actual cards! 

If you make anything with these, please send them to me so I can see!

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