Friday, June 10, 2011

GASC Treasures

Better late than never, here's the
treasures I found this year
at the scrapbook convention. As per
tradition, a group of us cropped
all day Wednesday. Denise, Sonia, Stacy,
Trisha, and I cropped, shopped,
 and had lunch together. I'm not sure how
much work we got done,
but there sure was a ton of laughter!
I have already been creating with
some of my new finds.
Look for a tutorial sometime next week
on how we made a pin-cushion
 mannequin in my monthly art group!

Monday, June 6, 2011


This year for GASC, I had a side-kick. Vincent, my 13 year old,
wanted to tag along with me. I didn't have the heart to say no...
 he wanted to spend time with me and believe me I am eating
 that up with a spoon! Especially as he gets older, I am sure the
last thing he will want to do is go shopping with his mom!

Enjoying a convention tradition...
Maui Wowi -Coconut and banana smoothie!

Here is my little guy doing the make-and-take
at Ten Seconds Studio!

Hard at work...

I better keep an eye on my metal supplies!
Here is a close-up of what Vincent made...

We had a great day shopping with Denise!
Tomorrow I will post a pic of my
new treasures.