Monday, March 12, 2012

Die-Cut Storage

Ok, so here is my storage for my die-cuts...
I needed my die-cuts to be easily portable since I crop mostly
at Scrapper's Boutique. My dies are from My Favorite Things,
The Cat's Pajamas, Paper Tray Ink, and, soon to be Lil' Inker.
These dies are flat steel and I use them in
either my Big Shot or Cuttlebug.

Here is how I started out storing the steel dies. The black folder
is from Hobby Lobby. I used magnetic sheets inside the plastic
folders for the stamp binder. I really liked this at first. Then, my
die collection grew and the folder became to heavy and
Don't ask me how many times I dropped it...
 I don't want to talk about it. :)

So moving on...
I combined storage ideas from my friends Susan and Rita
(Hi girls! Thanks for the inspiration!).  I found these bags
 also at Hobby Lobby. I have 3... use a coupon! (They come
 with 3 containers, I took them out to use for something
else.) I also grabbed another package of acrylic stamp
folders. I forgot to grab another roll of magnet sheets
though... hmm... guess I'll have to stop by HL again.
SHHH, don't tell my hubby!

Next, I took the folders with the dies on the magnetic
sheets out of the black folder. I have each die-cut labeled
by company and name.
This way makes it easier to:
1. make a list for a class or design work 
2. see which ones I have so I don't get doubles
3. have a place for everything and everything
in its place.
Yep, I'm weird like that!

I put the folders in the zebra bag...
Like so...

I have 3... 1 for borders, 1 for things and such, and
1 for my nesties. The black folder has now made it
to the trash since it was falling apart. The next step
is to cut labels for each bag from vinyl with
 my Silhouette.
(Cherie- Please help?)

Here is how Susan stores her die-cuts...

Rita stores hers in the stamp folders...
I combined both ways for
 my storage.

I hope this inspires you... let me know if
you have any questions!

Come by SB this week...
I'll be your sunshine!

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